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The company

SOMOS is a fabless semiconductor company offering leading edge RF Power Amplifier, RF Front End, and RF Switch products and designs for 4G & 5G IoT and Smartphone applications. We leverage our unique IP and know-how to implement and deliver CMOS Power Amplifiers with unprecedented performance, Switches with extremely low harmonics, and RF Front Ends in smallest form factors in the industry. We deliver state-of-the art components to our customers, we make IP available for licensing, and offer custom design services.



RF Power Amplifier Modules for 4G Smartphones

SOMOS RF Power Amplifier Modules include industry standard Multi-Mode Multi-Band PAs (MMPA) and Transmit Modules with integrated Antenna Switch (TXM). Highly integrated in CMOS, these modules provide compatibility with chipsets from all manufacturers. Our patented IP and design provides high performance while achieving the industry’s lowest cost structure using a standard CMOS supply chain. The fully silicon integrated solutions eliminate all bond wires and SMD components hereby avoiding shortages and lead times in the supply chain to ensure predictable high volume production. The IP and Designs of these modules are available for licensing.


RF Front End modules for 4G & 5G IoT

SOMOS develops and provides RF Front End modules for 4G & 5G IoT, covering a variety of air standards. With our technology and IP these modules have the smallest size in the market, while achieving superior performance and a level of functionality not seen before.


RF Switches

SOMOS RF switches deliver best-in-class linearity with extremely low harmonics, and are ideally suited for demanding Multi Band and Carrier Aggregation applications. We offer off-the-shelf high-throw-count switches, custom designs, and design licenses.


Custom Design and Design Services

With a deep and broad set of experiences and know-how, SOMOS is an ideal Design Partner for a wide variety of design projects, whether you are using CMOS or III-V compound semiconductors. SOMOS is experienced in RF, Power Amplifiers, Transceivers, VCOs & PLLs, ADCs and DACs, LNAs, VGAs, Mixers, Switches, and Analog and Digital control circuits.


30 Avenue de l'Amiral Lemonnier
78160 Marly-le-Roi, FRANCE


Phone: +33 (0)1 61 07 12 72